How to Select the Best Body shop for Your Audi?

Are you looking for a body shop to glean services for your Audi? Here are a few handy tips to help you narrow down your search to only the best.

  • Search For Audi’s Authorized Collision Repair Facilities

According to where you are located, look up a certified repair facility for Audi in your vicinity. This translates into the fact that they are an authorized collision repair facility for Audi repair in Abu Dhabi, where genuine Parts of Audi are used and all technicians have undergone rigorous training to ensure proper handling and maintenance of your vehicle. Such facilities are backed by a factory warranty and provide the most utmost quality.

  • Contact The Local Audi Dealerships In Your Vicinity

It’s a good practice to contact the local Audi dealerships in your vicinity and glean their advice on which collision center they prefer to use.

  • Peruse Through Your Insurance Company’s Website

It helps to browse through the website of your insurance company and see which service repair facilities they have selected. If you already have an idea of which body shop you want to use, check your insurance company’s website to see their lists of all selected service repair facilities that they work with. It’s futile to call them to ask for a list, as they will often fail to tell you the name of a viable facility that specializes in your car type. Doing your own research reaps greater benefits.

  • Contact The Collision Repair Facility Yourself

It is a prudent measure to call up your selected collision repair facility and inquire if they’re an I-CAR shop. Such an organization is devoted to providing the skills, knowledge, and information needed to perform quality, safe, and complete repairs. When it comes to collision repair training, I-CAR is the industry standard. If a body shop is an I-CAR shop, it translates into the fact that their repair technicians have undergone thorough and cutting edge training on the most state of the art technologies of collision repair and know how to stay abreast of this era’s fast-evolving collision repair techniques.

  • Ask The Nature Of Warranty Offered For The Repair

Since you are going to be investing a staggering sum of money, you need to be sure that the repairs done to your Audi are long lasting. It’s prudent to call the repair facility and ask them to discuss their warranty policies with you. Most German car service centers in Abu Dhabi offer extended Warranty for your repairs.