Best Practices On Doing A Mobile Couponing Campaign

Mobile couponing or SMS couponing is considered as one effective campaign to drive target audience to subscribe or meet a certain goal, granted that it is done the right way.

Best practices allows marketing to ensure that they are starting the campaign on the right foot and if you are planning on including couponing on your campaign, here are some guidelines that you need to know:

  • Target based on location of the store

With SMS marketing, you can target a number of audience in just one click, but this is ideal if you are doing an information drive campaign which needed quite a number of people to be informed. With SMS coupons, it would be best to go with location of the store. Since you have quite a limited time to ensure the efficiency of the campaign, you need to have a target audience that can easily redeem the coupons. The closer they are to the location, the more they are encourage to claim the prize. So try to limit the location range first, test the waters and them make some changes with the targeting as you go along.

Consult with your bulk SMS service provider in UAE if they can provide a geo-fencing targeting for you SMS couponing campaign.

  • Make the mechanics simple

You need to take into consideration the attention span of the audience that will read and receive the message. Another limitation that you need to take into account is the limitation of the characters. So as much as possible, make the redemption mechanics easy to read. Use concise and powerful words to explain the details to the readers.

And when it comes to redemption, be sure that it will be hassle-free for the target audience. If the bar code doesn’t, present other options to redeem the prize or the freebies.

  • Include incentives for sharing and promoting

People like free stuff and the coupon itself is an incentive. But once the target audience claims the prize, they will just be considered as part of your database. Take advantage of the situation and ask the same audience to spread the word for another prize. This way, you can promote your SMS coupon campaign for a minimum cost, which is giving additional incentive. As they say, strike while the iron is hot.

  • Do not spam the same audience

Spamming is never, will never be, a good practice and every SMS advertising Dubai company knows that. Spamming will not only double your cost but also irritates the target audience. Once you send an SMS message to the target audience and you received no response or feedback from them, do not bombard them with text messages. Give the target audience time and space to decide whether they will take up your offer.