Travel to Dubai to experience true natural beauty and utmost relaxation

Dubai sure has a lot to offer to all its visitors.  With miles of impeccable white beaches, Dubai is truly a beach lover’s paradise. But if you want to hear the truth, this exquisite destination has a whole lot more to offer apart from crystalline water, and days spent on the beach sipping on your favorite beverages.

Dubai – it was developed for tourism

Dubai is distinct – Dubai has what it takes to rival some of the finest travel destinations all over the world. Apart from its modern infrastructure and top-notch amenities, there is a touch of history and ancient civilization to it that truly sets Dubai apart. If truth be told, Dubai was specifically developed for tourism purposes, and believe it or not, but millions of tourists visit it on an annual basis. As of yet, no other travel destination has been able to match the natural beauty, cultural heritage and countless activities that this pristine destination has to offer.

Accommodation options at Dubai

The one thing that you would truly appreciate about Dubai is that the people here are extremely hospitable and friendly, and the same holds true for the hospitality staff at the countless accommodation options available here. In terms of accommodation, there are many different options for you to choose from. From top hotel names to the coziest and most easily affordable ones, you would find it all here. The best accommodation options available here are inclusive of the Burj al Arab, Four Seasons Resort, Park Hyatt Dubai, Taj Dubai, and Jumeirah Beach Hotel.

Flora and fauna and beach activities

Dubai isn’t really known for its flora and fauna. Being a desert, there are not many vegetations that grow here. One of the most commonly found plants in the desert of Dubai is that of the short ground hugging bush. However, the tree that has gained most popularity in Dubai for its appearance is that of Ghaf. This particular tree tends to have gray-green leaves that have a very pointed appearance. Moving on to the aspect that typically interests many, Dubai is paradise for sports enthusiasts and beach lovers. There are countless golf courses, jungle and sport-fishing tours, beautiful coral reefs that are literally to die-for for scuba dives and snorkelers. If truth be told, Dubai is home to some of the most pristine beaches in the entire world, and is literally heaven for all those who wish to get away from the hassles of daily life to enjoy a bit of time just lazing around on white-sand beaches with a perfect margarita in hand – there isn’t anything like it!

All in all, Dubai is a wonderland for all those who just wish to relax and unwind on their holidays. It offers the perfect blend of rich cultural heritage and modern amenities to all its visitors!

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