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Digital Marketing Trends

To stay a step further and ahead or to keep the success charts of your company to remain up you need work to keep up with the latest digital marketing trends. You need better audio, video and written content for your business to give it a kick start or rather keep it boosting. Some of the latest trends in digital marketing are hard to ignore;

The User-Generated Content: to target the Gen Z or the millennials, you need them to give a review on your company’s services or products by offering them incentives and giving them credentials. For example; a kid on YouTube earns more than a million dollars annually by just giving reviews and opinions on toys, the kid is under 12 years old. When such people introduce your company to the world your business will automatically boost.

The development of Progressive Web Applications: these are the kind of applications which are lighter on your mobile storage but does all the necessary work. It is like an offline application. It automatically syncs the latest data when the user turns on the internet connection.

Social Commerce: people used to advertise their business with a simple website but with the emerging social media platforms, and people are more on social media and prefer it more as well, business persons have connected their websites to social media platforms making them a social commerce. Where buyers just have to visit the relevant social media page click on the ‘Buy Now’ button and they will be automatically directed to the checkout page.

 Content Marketing getting more popular than the traditional SEO: as of 2019, content marketing boosted 88% of business as compared to the on-page and off-page SEO. Content marketing is considered best in all B2B or C2C businesses. Content marketing includes; writing content, video and audio content, graphic content, etc. It is estimated that small or new businesses get 130% more leads by content marketing.

Social Media Stories: the very first story mode was introduced by Snapchat where people could view a short video or a picture of people in the shape of a story. Then Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp introduced this mode. These stories have helped small and new businesses increase their brand awareness in many people, it is free, people get engaged constantly, the young audience is more targeted and it increases traffic on your website as well.

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