What to consider When Selecting a Nursery for Your Tot

To help you kick-start your search for the best nursery school in Dubai, here are a few factors you should absolutely keep in mind when visiting all potential nurseries:


Sometimes word of mouth is the most potent weapon in your arsenal. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of viable preschool choices in your vicinity, you can make your search process less exhausting if you narrow down your list by asking family, friends, and neighbors for recommendations. Hearing first-hand accounts and opinions of parents who currently have kids enrolled in a nursery or those who had gone through the nursery experience will definitely help you make an informed choice.


The location of the nursery also plays a major role in your decision. Do you want the nursery to be near work or home? Should it be closer to your partner’s workplace or your own or somewhere in the middle so it would be convenient for both of you to be near your child? To narrow down your options, sit down with your partner and try to work out the logistics of how you’ll be picking up and dropping off your child on a daily basis.

Structure and Curriculum

Choosing the right nursery in JLT translates into selecting the best preschool curriculum and teaching philosophy at your disposal. Before making a final decision, it’s good to ask yourself whether you want your kid to attend an academic or a developmental nursery. Different nurseries have diverse typical daily activities and structures, so be sure to glean a sneak peek into what a typical day at the pre-school would look like, and if it would catch the fancy of your child.

Staff-to-Child Ratios

Every time you visit a potential nursery, be sure to inquire into the staff-to-child ratios. Knowing the ratio of a potential nursery’s teachers to children would help you decide if the ratio complies with state laws. You should immediately start looking elsewhere if there seem to be too few adults to care for a hoard of children.

Interaction between Children and Staff

A lot of parents try to obverse the interaction between children and staff while visiting all potential nurseries. Notice if the teachers play with the children or huddle together, in addition to how children approach the adults in the classroom. When the teachers speak to children, try to analyze their tone of voice. If you hear teachers barking orders, you should see the red flag. You want to select a loving and nurturing environment for your children to stimulate their curiosity and boost their development.

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