Things to know about online shopping scamsGeneral 

Things to know about online shopping scams

With the world of online shopping increasing rapidly, we also see a surge in frauds and fake reviews on them. If you think that a product or the seller is being sketchy with the cheapest price, having more than hundred – sometimes even thousands of review – saying it was something best which they have ever seen then you could probably be right. Surely there are some amazing sites out there which promise you credible products but what about the ones that trick us?

According to a latest research, some of the biggest e-commerce chain stores seem to be faking their reviews since a long time. When the news was out about checking the credibility of reviews from these stores, they immediately started improving the quality and reliability of their reviews. Not only in the world of shopping but every other online money exchange product or service seemed to be doing the same thing. This is the reason that more than 3000 glitchy and low quality games were deleted from the server or storefront which consisted most of the paid reviews just to lure money out of the consumers.

The real problem with fake reviews is not the fact that they misguide customers by tricking them into buying something which is a waste of money but the problem is that these reviews aren’t even the craft of bots in fact it is the real humans who are writing that in exchange of money. The reason behind paying humans instead of seeking help from free bots is that they become monotonous which makes it easier to catch who is lying and who is not but this is not the case with human as every other individual have their own opinion – even it’s the same one – crafted smartly into a set  of completely different words.

Take a look at any industry ranging from beauty and lifestyle to tech, everything seems to be scammed at some point. This mostly happens with cheap quality products that are not credible enough neither from known brands just to scam people along the way. Sometimes fake reviews are not only bad for your account but they are also incredibly bad for your use as well. Before buying or investing money in online shopping always check the credibility.

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