Instances When You Need To Use Scaffolding

When we need to reach a certain height, we usually use ladders. But ladders have limitations and you need to use alternative solutions to work on the height problems, but also solve other problems.  The answer – a mobile tower scaffold. Using this equipment instead of a ladder can make your work above the ground more convenient.

If you are not convinced with using scaffolding, these situations might prove you wrong:


  • You need a sturdy base

Even when doing simple construction, you need to have a solid and sturdy base to ensure that you can do your work from above without the fear of falling. With ladders, there is a problem with stability as they are not steady enough to hold you while you are above. In fact, you need a couple of people to hold the ladder still and secure you from falling.


With a tower scaffold, you don’t need to people to hold the equipment. You just need to ensure that the scaffolds are correctly installed to the ground and you are all set.


  • You need to walk and work above the ground

There are construction works wherein you need to constantly walk or move at a certain height. This holds true for painters and other construction workers. Ladders have no plane or platform to support this function. To be able to do this job with a ladder, you need to get down and move the ladder to a direction or position that you need to work on. That can take time for you.


Scaffolding companies in UAE strongly advise for you to use a scaffolding if the job entails this kind of function.  It can give you the platform to walk around high above the ground without changing the position of your equipment.


  • You have heavy equipment or materials up the ground

Imagine using a ladder and going up and down to get the things that you need. Isn’t it a bit inconvenient for you? If you have that specific kind of job that needs equipment high above the ground, a ladder wouldn’t do and putting all equipment in your body can be uncomfortable.


It would be best to use a scaffolding to be able to bring all the equipment from high above and put in the platform.


  • When two or more people are working at a certain height

There are instances that more than one people need to work on the same space. Of course, using the same ladder is not an option. To be able to accommodate all workers, the scaffolding would be the best option.

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