Improving your communication skills

How many times have you sat with someone and curse yourself for not taking a communication skills course? There are plenty of times when we doubt our ability to talk even. It looks like the small talks or the meaningful ones need to be preplanned. Those who are good at starting a conversation about anything are seen with contempt by us. You can take up short courses like sales training in Dubai. This guide has been made to make it easy for you to start up a conversation and prune your communication skills.

Body language is important

Part of our conversation is dictated over by our body language. It plays significant role in communicating our emotions to others. It even reveals out embarrassment as openly as it does the rest of the feelings. However, you have the strength to control it. You can work on it to be always presentable according to the need of the situation when speaking. If the situation demands determination do that.

Convey the core of the message

You can remain to the point and just communicate what means important. It doesn’t mean you have to do little talking, it means whatever you say should be in relation to what your point is and what you wish to deliver. You can benefit from the courses offered at training institutes in UAE as well to learn more intricacies of the profession.


Think before you speak anything. Just speak it in your mind and see if what you are saying is making sense. Do not get off track and regret later.

Don’t over think

Do not think so much about how and what people will think of you. Just think if what you say matters to you. If it sounds correct to you, don’t bother yourself with what others think of you. It shouldn’t hurt them is all you should think of, but don’t be scared of them judging you.


As much as speaking is important make it a point to listen to others as well. If you do not listen to what others have to say, you will always come up with the wrong answer. Blabbing can be embarrassing. Sometimes listening alone can help in learning

Communicating is not easy but it is not as difficult as you think, just a little practice and you can handle a group if not an auditorium or a class.

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